The rate and tempo of evolutionary processes is fundamental across different time scales ranging from local adaptation to speciation. My research interest focuses on understanding the genetic basis complex traits and behaviors that evolve rapidly within and between species. I address these questions in natural populations of the genus Drosophila to use the tools and resources from the genetic model D. melanogaster and their close relatives. 

Emily Behrman collecting Drosophila

Spring 2008

African Field Ecology

Organization for Tropical Studies

Honors Thesis (2008-2009)

Smith Lab, Williams College

Research Assistant (2007)

Altschuler Lab, Williams College

Research Assistant (2006)

Savage Lab, Woods Hole Marine Biology Laboratory

Postdoctoral Associate (August 2017-present)

Stern Lab, Janelia Research Campus


Visiting Researcher (2015 & 2017)

Kawecki Lab, University of Lausanne

Laboratory Technician (2009-2011)

Schmidt Lab, University of Pennsylvania

2005 - 2009

B.A. in Biology (Highest honors)

Williams College

2011 - 2017


University of Pennsylvania